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Gas furnaces provide warm, consistent heat for your Rhode Island home by creating and circulating warm air through the duct work of your house and transferred to your house.

The heat to create the warm air is created by burning natural gas. The hot gases and heat that is created during the combustion process is transferred through a heat exchanger which is basically just a series of curved metal tubes which passes through the air path of the unit. As the heat passes through the pipes is transferred through the metal and into the air passing over it heating it in the process. The left over gasses are then passed out of the system through a metal or plastic vent pipe and into the outside atmosphere.

At National Refrigeration, we provide gas furnace repairs to Rhode Island homeowners since 1969.  Our gas furnace repair contractors have the experience and know-how to repair or your gas furnace based on the furnace condition.


So if you are looking for a professional Rhode Island gas furnace contractor then please call us today at 401.737.2000 or complete our online request form.


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